GotContact is our Email Marketing solution. You can manage email marketing campaigns from within the gotFlowers platform while maintaining the necessary context. And you can compile email lists from order histories and customer profiles.


We collect and allow you access to important and relevant information about your customer contacts, history and buying habits for you to run effective email marketing campaigns.


GotContacts was developed as an integral part of the GotFlowers platform. As such, all customer sales data is automatically stored, so when the time comes to run your email marketing campaigns, you will have ready access to all data and tools for you to customize and manage email campaigns. Statistics on the effectiveness of email campaigns are displayed in real time.



Benefits of GotContact

Efficiency of an All-in-One Platform – All of our products (Website, POS, Consumer app, Automated Social Media, Email Marketing) are tightly integrated on the same platform. When tools talk to each other, they produce much better results. For example, when you acquire a new customer either through the website or POS system, all customer contact information and purchasing preferences are automatically saved to GotContacts.